Radhe Govinda Shoot-JAIPUR BLOG

10th of March: TRAVEL

When everyone was busy celebrating Holi with their loved ones, my team and I were preparing for our next shoot in the Pink city, Jaipur. We left for Jaipur by 10am from Karnal studio. After an exciting road trip, we reached there at 7pm. We did recce of all the three locations to get the perfect frames. We started by exploring Govind Dev Ji temple which comprises of the majority part of the song. Then, we went to take a look at the remaining sites, i.e. Johri Bazaar and Hawa Mahal. After spending an entire day in travelling and hunting for the sites, we checked into our hotel and dosed off to sleep after the mouthwatering supper. 

Govind Dev Ji Temple, Jaipur -10 March

11th of March: SHOOT DAY 1

We started our day at 5am with eye-opening morning tea. We went to Govind Dev Ji temple to shoot sync with our Artist Govind Krsna Das. We rolled the camera exactly at 6am. By 9am we had covered the entire way towards the sync of the song. With this, We decided to take a break and go for breakfast. Then, our female model, Harinam Chintamani reached Jaipur from Vrindawan by 12 noon. Without any delay, we started to shoot the story line which includes the market scene. Although, Jaipur police was there to help us with the public. It was really difficult to capture clean shots and frames in the daily hustle due to which we had to cheat some frames, some initial shots were taken in Johri Bazaar and others in Bapu Bazaar. With the cooperation of police, we were able to come up with the market sequel by 5 in the evening. We then headed towards the Jaipur International Airport where we shot storyline with our female model. This was our utmost priority not to create any inconvenience to the airport staff. Then, we packed up for the day and went back to our hotel and had a sound sleep after the tiring day.

Still Of Artist During Sync Shoot (11th of March-Shoot Day 1)

12th of March: SHOOT DAY 2

After the tiring simultaneously exciting day, we rolled the camera by 9am near Meera Bai Ji temple, the place where few scenes from Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2, which is still an upcoming movie, were shot there. A dream sequence of a dance by female lead was also shot at the same venue. It took us almost an hour to complete the entire sequence. Next, we went to some of the tourist places of Jaipur to shoot the mesmerizing beauty of the City where the male and female lead were busy in sightseeing. We went to Hawa Mahal, Jal Mahal, Amber Fort and Albert Hall to capture the rich heritage of the City. Almost by 4pm, we return to Govind Dev Ji temple to shoot the climax. The climax was in the Aarti among the thick crowd. Though, it was a bit troublesome yet we somehow managed.

Still of Female Lead during Dance Shoot ( 12th of March: SHOOT DAY 2 )

Heart-felt gratitude to: Government of Rajasthan, Jaipur Police and District Magistrate of Jaipur, Sh.Shankar Lal Soni

Jaipur Police At Market Shoot (11th of March: SHOOT DAY 1)

Gears Used

Primary DSLR – Canon EOS R | Lens -50mm(f-1.4) , 85mm (f-1.8) , 24-105mm | Gimbal – Zhiyun Crane 2 | Mi Drone 4K | Secondary DSLR – Canon 1300 D (for BTS) | DJI Osmo Pocket (For vlogging ) |

Post Production of Song

On 13th march the team was back on the editing desk to get the best possible video output from the captured footage. It almost took them 8 hours to complete the editing of the teaser which was to be released by 15th of March on YouTube. The video editing and color grading of music video almost took us two sleepless nights to complete. The team went though the video again and again to correct even the smallest details. The music video was released on 19th march.

About The Storyline

The song depicts the eternal love and faith in God. The frame opens where devotee is engrossed in his beliefs of Lord Govind Dev Ji, while an innocent girls lands in the same city not only to explore the rich cultural heritage of the city but also to find the divine power of god. Unknown of the evils in society she is fascinated by the old arcaded market, where she was being chased by a group of boys with bad intentions. The devotee could scene that somewhere something wrong was happening, he followed his intuition and finds the girl in the middle of the road and suspects boys behind her. He greets the girl with Namaste, the boys leave with confusions of what had just happened? After interacting with the girls he asked her if he could help her explore the city. He then takes the girl to all the historical cities of the city where the girls is happy to admire all that magnificent sepulchral of the monuments. He later takes her to Govind ji Temple exactly at the time of aarti. On reaching there she gets mesmerized by the presence of god that she forgets everything round her and walks towards the sculpture of Lord Govind Dev Ji , when she could feel the connect with god she goes though an emotional outbreak.

BLOG Edited By Vanshita Mehta

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