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“I was just an 8th grader when I started my Youtube channel Android Explorer. I did it at the time when people thought Youtube was just a waste of time. I was moving on with flying colors and was about to hit one lakh subscribers. But a year later, Youtube took down my channel due to violation of some guidelines. It was heartbreaking but I was determined to keep trying something new. I started with photography as photographs always fascinated me. I had always enjoyed clicking pictures and that’s when I decided to run after my passion. I took hold of a DSLR and started with street photography. I used to go out every day and capture few shots after the school. I still remember how people reacted at the clicks. For them, it was some alien concept. After some time, I took hold over some film-making techniques and entered the world of video direction. I scripted the first video with my friend @himanshuuprajapati. I did not have much expertise in editing. Dubbing the voices was just another challenge for me. It took me a week to edit the video and finally upload it. The video crossed 2K views on the first day itself. The response was overwhelming and I established a production house and named it ‘Ambala Productions’. I kept shooting short movies and funny videos after the school hours and edited them on weekends. One of my short movie ‘Education vs Money’ introduced me to the public and was a gateway to new opportunities. I then started shooting music videos with upcoming artists of Ambala. In 2018, I started commercial work for companies. I got an offer to work as an assistant director for a punjabi movie last year which I had to decline due to my mom’s operation. Neither I linked with the background nor had proper knowledge. What I had was my passion and determination to never give up. I made mistakes but kept learning. I finally had the answer to those ‘isme kuch nahi rakha’ comments. I’ve directed 70+ videos. My recent directed music video crossed one lakh views. Also, I am working with 10+ Youtube channels. I have my own studio and I’m also pursuing a filmmaking course. Every day I am inching closer to my dreams.” . . Follow @mangomantales . What's your story?

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